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Event Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: Can I hold a private (closed to the public) event at The Picnic?

A: No, the Picnic can’t be closed to the public typically. The only exception to this is larger multi-day events that bring 1,000+ people to the property each day. For example, if a company wants to have an employee only event for 2 hours one night at The Picnic, it can’t be closed to the public during that 2 hour time frame. However, it could be closed to the public if a SXSW or ACL type event wanted to take over the entire property for several days to host a large event.


2. Can I hold an event at The Picnic if I agree that the park will remain open to the public?

A:Yes, we have several formats that can accommodate these types of events.

3. Q: Is there a fee to host an event at The Picnic?

A: For smaller events, there is no fee. For larger “private” events as described in #1 above, a fee will be required, and will be negotiated on a case by case basis.

4. Q: I want to bring a group of people to the Picnic for lunch/dinner…how will payment be handled?

A: We highly encourage the following format to be used. Each of your guests will be provided a form of identification (provided by you), and in turn can order at the food trailer of their choice. Each trailer will keep a running tab on what was ordered, and once everyone in your group has ordered you will pay the “tab” at each trailer. So you will have a maximum of 8 transactions, one at each trailer.

5. Q: Can I restrict what trailers my guests go to, and can I place a spending limit on each order?

A: Yes. Which trailers you want your guests to eat at is up to you. Yes, you can place a spending limit on each order. If a guest orders over the limit, they will be required to pay the balance at the time of the order. For example, spending limit is $15 and someone orders a meal that costs $20, they would pay the $5 difference at time of order.

6. Q: Can I pre-order the meals so they are ready upon arrival?

A: We highly discourage this approach; given how much more coordination must happen between you and each trailer. If you are set on pre-ordering, you will have to coordinate with each trailer directly. The Picnic isn’t responsible for ensuring your event runs smoothly if this approach is taken.

7. Q: Is there alcohol for sale at The Picnic?

A: No, sale of alcohol is strictly prohibited at The Picnic.

8. Q: Can I provide alcohol to my guests, free of charge while dining at The Picnic?

A: Yes, there is no TABC law that prohibits this; however, we will require the event host to provide a Liquor Liability Insurance policy in the amount of $1,000,000 each occurrence and $2,000,000 aggregate, with The Picnic’s ownership entity named as an additional insured. This is a specific policy, over and above the standard General Liability Commercial policy most businesses carry.

9. Q: Can I hire a band or DJ to entertain at The Picnic?

A: Yes, however you will be responsible for obtaining the necessary sound permits from the City of Austin. The Picnic doesn’t hold an ongoing live music permit, so any live music (that is amplified) requires a permit to be issued from the City of Austin. A nonamplified band doesn’t require a permit. Please note, a singer with an acoustic guitar, if plugged into an amplifier, is still amplified sound and requires a permit.

10. Q: What is the seating capacity at The Picnic? Can I bring more tables/chairs if needed?

A: 200. Keep in mind if The Picnic is open to the public during your event, some of this seating possibly won’t be available. Yes, you can provide additional seating.

11. Q: How much parking is available onsite?

A: 80 parking spaces

12. Q: Are dogs allowed?

A: Yes! We are very dog friendly!

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